It is now the 25th and Sunday.  I didn’t have to water today as it rained yesterday.  What a relief as it was really hot out there.  Our Grandchildren and their Parents came over today and that was cool.  We walked to the pond which no longer has the yellow haze on it and my Husband caught crickets and grasshoppers and tried to feed the fish there.  It didn’t work out as planned so we sat on the deck for a while. Since it was hot, we went inside, and my Husband recorded the girls singing My Lighthouse.  They went home and the Dog and I settled in to watch another episode of “The Movies That Made Us” and today’s installment was “Jurassic Park” which came out around our Daughter’s 5th birthday.

It is now the 21st and it was all about the Dog today.  We consider ourselves quite lucky that we still have her after what she went through yesterday.  Like someone coming off a bender all she wanted to do was eat today.  So, it was Dog Day at our house.  I did have a pedicure scheduled but my lady was delayed so I left.  I’ll go back on Monday.  I decided to go to Fresh Market which is essentially across the street.  Surely, they would have Cotton Candy grapes.

It is now the 17th, and I did what was expected of me today.  Laundry, making tea and talking to my neighbors.  I did vacuum and run the Swiffer.  Our neighbors are again trying to outbuild each other.  One has an elevator lift installed on his deck as he’s been dying for two years now.  I went to Tokyo II to pick up lunch.  Everyone is back in masks, and I cursed them all in the parking lot where there is a Target, Harris Teeter, Pet Smart and a Party City.

It is now the 13th, and I did the Food Lion thing today and saw one of my neighbors and her grandchild who I had never met.  The child was beautiful.  They both didn’t have on masks.  We chatted for a while, and she asked what was up at my end of the street.  I told her it was a contest to see who could outbuild each other.  There was once a day that I couldn’t see the back of her house and now it is in full view because all the trees have been cut down.

It is now the 9th of Jobless July, and I celebrated the day by going to Food Lion again.  It is the only place where I can go into the outside world and get away from my Husband and the Dog.  I can listen to my audio book for about ten minutes there and back.  I got my groceries home, vacuumed, did the laundry and watched my latest episodes of “Flack”.  It got better today as there was actually a story line.  Can’t wait to watch “Virgin River” or “Atypical”.

It is now the 5th and we made up for being total slugs yesterday and actually did something.  We went to a lake and golf course near our home and people were playing golf and kayaking.  We walked around for a bit and seeing that the Dog was not digging the heat, we went home.  Prior to that I had gone to Food Lion as we were out of everything.  I actually got all I needed or what was on the list in my head.

It is now July 1st, and we only did our chores and did what had to be done.  I didn’t even go to Food Lion today.  I did water my outdoor flowers.  My Husband made the journey to Salisbury to get one of his guitars fixed.  The Dog and I stayed home, and we watched two more episodes of “Sex/Life”.  Can’t believe I had never heard of any of these actors.  Loving this show.  Only two more episodes of what can clearly be called porn.

It is now the 26th and another hot day.  I did my chores and picked up lunch at Tokyo II.  It said on their website that masks were required but when I got there most of the staff and many of the patrons were not wearing them.  As always, the food was delicious.  After that I watered my outdoor plants, did my chores and settled into a movie.

It is now the 22nd and yet another good day.  I went to Food Lion and for once I got everything I needed.  I went to Longhorn to get our Father’s Day lunch and along the way I got a call that baked potatoes would not be would not be ready until noon.  I left at 11:00 as our food was promised at 11:30 and I answered with my standard What do you want?  I’m sure they spit in our food because of this but Que Sera Sera.  I apologized to the sweet lady who brought our food to the car.

It is now the 18th and the Dog and I were total slugs today and did nothing.  I did what was required of me such as laundry and changing sheets.  Then it was at my computer and finishing up “Working Moms”.  Love this show.  It was too hot to be outside and I pray for rain as I didn’t even have the gumption to go out and water my plants.  However, I did do the indoor ones.  My Husband on the other hand stayed busy as he cleaned out his junk drawer.